Labtech v11 Patch 11.0.16

Labtech v11 Patch 11.0.16

Release of Patch 16 automate 11

Labtech v11 Patch 11.0.16

With the release of Patch 16 for Automate 11 following improvements were made in the LabTech: –

  • The default Admin user and any new user created on new installations of Automate will now have the default auditing Level set to Everything.
  • Whereas the systems that have been upgraded from previous versions of Automate, the users will still be created with the level of None.
  • Blank language pack entries will now fall back to English-based language pack entries when encountered by UI components.
  • All agent template property descriptions are matching the selected property.
  • The Local Account flag on the Computer Management screen is correctly displaying as enabled now when the computer is not running as a local user.
  • Login credentials are not incorrectly passed with preceding and trailing spaces without notifying the user.

Now, the list of issues with ticket number that have been resolved in this patch:

Ticket #5372347: All Advanced Searches are displaying the correct Search Totals value now.

Ticket #8203765: Monitor alerts are not getting unnecessarily truncated now.

Ticket #8224203: Variable set via splitting is now not causing blank variable names.

Ticket #8292715: The Script Debugger is not causing periodically stop functioning when a script is restarted after stopping.

Ticket #8451357: The Unavailability issue of the Save button of the Script Editor when navigating between script steps has been fixed.

Ticket #8454584: The Script Debugger is not ignoring breakpoints under any circumstances.

Ticket #8531730: The scheduled patch jobs in the Patch Manager is now accurately recording a job on the Patches screen.

Ticket #8620430: The MSI agent installer is correctly installing the agent, while creating appropriate registry entries and services with proper names.

Ticket #8671111: Corrected an issue that was causing the %shellresult% script variable to add an unnecessary carriage return to the end of a script.

Ticket #8722404: Some remote monitors created via the Monitor Wizard are not adding extra quotation marks now.

Ticket #8820738: When uninstalling software from the Computer Management screen, the string will not force capital letters to be lower case.

Ticket #8866882: All location monitors are now displaying correct Router IP values.

Ticket #8865374: Computers reboot after patching is working fine now.

Ticket #8871295: Extra data fields are not saved now whenever the name contains invalid characters.

Ticket #8885785: CPU usage percentage is now not erroneously displaying as more than 100%.

Ticket #8969151: The Managed Services tab of all client is working absolutely fine in all instances.


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