February 7, 2018
Release of Patch 16 automate 11

Labtech v11 Patch 11.0.16

Labtech v11 Patch 11.0.16 With the release of Patch 16 for Automate 11 following improvements were made in the LabTech: – The default Admin user and any new user created on new installations of Automate will now have the default auditing Level set to Everything. Whereas the systems that have been upgraded from previous versions of Automate, the users will […]
February 2, 2018
Release of Patch 15 for automate11

Labtech v11 Patch 11.0.15

Labtech v11 Patch 11.0.15 With the release of Patch 15 for Automate 11 following enhancements were made: Localization settings saving issue have been fixed. Emails with a blank subject line are sending and logged appropriately in LTA Alerts and the Failed Emails area of the Dashboard > Management screen. Now, the LT Tray plugin initialization and decommission is not stopping […]
February 2, 2018
Release Patch for Automate 11

Labtech v11 Patch 11.0.17

Labtech v11 Patch 11.0.17 What’s new in this patch Labtech v11 Patch 11.0.17: This patch for Automate 11 has been officially released as of August 31, 2017. New Version: After updating to this latest patch, your Automate Control Center will update to version 11.0.395. Refer to Determining the Current ConnectWise Automate Version/Licensing for detailed instructions on locating the specific version […]