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What is Network Operations Center (NOC Services) ?

An overview of NOC Services

Network Operations Center NOC Services: Outsourcing a well managed NOC services is a wise decision in comparison to building an In-house network operation department. To go along advanced technologies every organization will undoubtedly integrate the latest technology to keep its promise of delivering high performance to their respective clients.

With upgrade or adoption of new technologies gets along to lay down and maintenance of the related highly complex network also. To maintain these complex networks highly skilled people, advanced tools, and infrastructure are required which may cost more than you have imagined. Here comes the role of NOC service provider.

A well-managed Network Operations Center  NOC Services can handle your entire network job for you. Before we proceed to learn how any Network operation center operates. You need to learn a bit about what exactly a NOC is.

What is Network Operations Center NOC Services?

The Network operations center NOC normally sounds “knock” services when pronounced; is a centralized remote location of monitoring, maintaining and managing network operation of any MSPs (managed services providers).

The NOC technician directly watches and manages the RMM software working. So that MSP can provide efficient and smooth services to his clients.

The NOC experts keep a close eye over the RMM and keep informing the MSP’s concerned team about any raised tickets and if possible they resolve many issues independently. The NOC team is also involved in high security, data backup & storage, damage control, and management activities.

NOC Technician’s Job Description – Roles & Responsibilities

The NOC engineers/technicians are primarily responsible for monitoring entire network operations ranging from network infrastructure health to its security concerns. They will undoubtedly ensure efficient and smooth network operations of any organization.

Depending upon the working terms and conditions a NOC technician will either resolve the issues independently or raise a ticket to notify his MSP regarding any issue arose. The NOC technician will categorize the issue based on severity or any other criteria set between these two parties.

Network Operations Center NOC Services: Technician’s levels

The NOC technician team is further clustered on basis of their expertise. The NOC services are provided on different levels. For example:

1) LEVEL 1 monitoring services include online monitoring of network operations. Level 1 technician will take care of minor problems like hardware failure or minor troubleshooting. In case the problem doesn’t get resolved here or it actually belongs to the next level category. It will be passed to the LEVEL 2 team then.

2) LEVEL 2 Monitoring and managing services will include monitoring plus managing entire network operations. To work for these different levels different NOC technicians are hires to provide required services by the MSP.

NOC technicians constantly work on R&D of various possible networks issues and finding their solutions, so that when in future they face any such problem, they should have a fix ready for it. The R&D for networking operations needs high investment, resources and time, which usually is not possible for every organization. This provides an upper hand to all managed NOC service providers.

Few usual NOC Technicians’ capabilities are:

  • Continuous Network monitoring & managing services.
  • Application setup, download, and troubleshooting.
  • Scheduled network performance reports.
  • Network Recommendation sheets, when and if required.
  • Network detection, diagnosis, and assessment.
  • The capability of Network Patch Management.
  • Data backup, management, and storage.
  • Antivirus, firewall, and other security scanning and resolution.
  • Provide direct customer support if allowed.
  • Bandwidth Mgt and reporting.
  • Alarm/Ticket handling. Secure proper communication until each issue will be solved.

How NOC fills the Scaling & the IT Skills Gap?

NOC is the bridge of your ship toward growth and profitability. IT skills gap refers to a situation when you lack some technicians at various level of IT infrastructure in your organization, and this lack of resources could harm performance, management and overall growth of your business.

Hiring NOC services is always the best practical counted decision from the business point of view, Instead of hiring high salaried technicians to scale.

Sometimes, it becomes a rock big task for any MSP to fill this IT skill gap as having a complete IT infrastructure requires lots of tools, process manpower to get it established and run smoothly.

This requires a big chunk of money finance from your finance dept. every month and not every MSP can actually afford it. Investing in developing an in-house network operation and management dept can cut down your profits in a big way.

The NOC service providers are B2B service providers, they never come into picture while handling the network operations. The NOC team’s dealing is limited to its client MSP/IT service providers. The end-user always has an idea of getting all IT/network operation-related services getting from their MSP or IT service provider.

NOC provides an extra hand to MSP’s current team so that they can focus on more business expansion and growth-related activities leaving all the network operations to the NOC team.

NOC is not a Helpdesk

NOC Services
One thing you need to be clear about is NOC services are that; NOC is not a helpdesk service provider. Despite NOC provides an example number of network operations related services but this clearly excludes the Helpdesk service.

Many a time people very confused about it and sign a contract; this could lead to a problem, later on, its better if you should clear this concept before hiring any Network Operations Center NOC Services.

The helpdesk is a call center provided by any business to their clients in case they are facing any troubles. Although NOC service provider monitors manage and even troubleshoot the related problems they will work and interact with MSP people only.

Whenever MSP receives any issues from a client, he at his end can get resolution from the NOC experts. But, the client will be handled at the MSP desk only.

The difference between the NOC and SOC

To be a winner you must understand the game rules and the responsibility of each player. Similarly to run your business smoothly. You should be clear about the services, competitors, people involved. You should also clear the roles of NOC and SOC.

Involved in the IT sector, you must be clear about the difference between the NOC & SOC services, especially if you are an MSP and looking to hire some NOC service provider.

Although they both sound the same but differs fundamentally and work on an entirely distinctive approach and skill set. The only common factor between these two is that both serve MSP.

NOC is concerned with monitoring and managing network operations of an organization from a remote centralized location.

SOC security operation center is greater of security concerns focused. The SOC services take care of cyberattacks, vulnerable assessment, GRC system (governance, risk and compliance systems,), etc. Its main function is to protect sensitive customer data and keep all intellectual property secure.

On one hand where a NOC expert should have proficiency in network infrastructure, application management, and systems engineering. On the other hand, SOC analysts need to be good at security engineering skills.

Both the NOC and SOC teams should work hand in hand, to provide the best services to an MSP.

The SankalpIT NOC services Platform

The SankalpIT’s Network Operations Center NOC Services dramatically simplify the monitoring and management job of your installed network. We have a team of skilled technicians, who have hands-on experience in operating the latest Network operation tools. Deploying your network operations job to us gives you enough room to focus on other business expansion activities.

Being an MSP if you outsource NOC services, You will get updated tools, skilled labor with the latest network monitoring and managing infrastructure without even investing heaps of money. The benefits of reduced security risk accelerated uptime and the ensured increase in profitability