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Cyrisma Agent Installation Script for ConnectWise Automate


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1). What is Cyrisma?

Cyrisma is a cybersecurity platform that assists enterprises in managing risk without the difficulties associated with enterprise-level cybersecurity solutions.

2). Benefits of our script?

1). script Configuration
2). real time Testing
3). There is a 100% money back guarantee if it doesn’t work for you
4). You’ll save both time and money.

3). Key Features?

1). Discover Sensitive Data:- Reduce the number of places where sensitive data is stored in your company.

2). Find Vulnerabilities:- Eliminate vulnerabilities before they can be used.

3). Fortify Configuration:- In order to protect your whole organization, you should make your base configurations is stronger.

4). Monitor Host Integrity:- Receive alerts about system changes that could be dangerous or expose you to more risks.

5). Manage Mitigations:- Make mitigation plans that make people take responsibility and show meaningful risk reduction metrics.