Supremacy of Managed IT services over Break fixed IT Services

Supremacy of Managed IT services over Break fixed IT Services

This debate is quite old now; you will get to see millions of articles posted on the internet in this regard. Not from just internet, you can also get to see many IT professionals, MSP’s and other people dealing in this industry, who advocates the idea of working with Managed IT services instead of Break-fix ones.

This article will also contribute in justifying the idea that “How and why Managed IT services are better than Break Fix IT services?” Keep rolling the page till the end, if you seriously want to learn more about this.

So you decided to read further, kudos!!! To you….. Before we jump onto comparison between these two. First lets us understand the brief idea about these services, individually.

What is Break-Fix IT Services?

Break/fix services model is a “Reactive approach” to repair the problem that has already occurred. The Break/fix IT services is an old-school idea in IT services when the Company’s performance & reputation is judged by the minimum time they spent on repairing the problem.

It’s more like you got a pipe leakage and will wait until the plumber arrives to fix it and will pay according to the time spend and the quality of the service provided.

Break-Fix IT services model is basically a fee-based model. The process is a simple customer got some problem, He will contact the service provider. He will be charged according to upgrading or repairing done.

What is Managed IT Services?

“Precaution is better than cure” The Managed IT services model works on this principle. It is a “pro-active approach” to manage and deliver high-end IT services to the clients.

This model is counted as a superior one because this proactively monitors the client’s infrastructure and alerts to his client or fixes the problem before it could cause any major damage. The customer is charged with the monthly billing system.

In this service model, the Managed IT service provider takes the complete responsibility of the health & proper functioning of the client’s IT infrastructure.

They deploy a dedicated team to monitor & manage the client’s IT infrastructure so that nothing skips from an expert’s eye.

Comparison between Break/Fix and Managed IT Services- A detailed study.

Both IT service provider models are operative in the market. People choose the one that best suits their requirement. The following section will explain in detail about the various advantages and disadvantages of both service models.

The client might end up getting the surprised bill as no cost was defined for a job.
They might not get the problem fixed at once so that it could re-occur and you call them for help again.

Advantages of Managed IT Services Advantages of Break/Fix IT Services
You pay a fixed amount of service fees, no matter how many issues you need help for. No fixed monthly service fees.
24×7 available technical help. Open to get help from any other available resource at free of cost.
Provide exploited Unlimited hours for help. Jackson
Guarantee for smooth and break free services.
Assured network stability.
Bound to work with proactive maintenance efforts.
Management through the latest network management systems.
Well managed ticketing system to solve client queries on severity basis.
The client enjoys on-going maintenance services
Well defined bundle of services, authorities & responsibilities.
The client gets high-level enterprise automation and monitoring systems.
Very clear definition of the relationship between the client and the services providers on the papers.
Disadvantages of Managed IT Services Disadvantages of Break/Fix IT Services
Need to pay a fixed amount even if you didn’t get any breakdown. No fixed or defined cost of any repair services.
The client needs to pay every time he avails service.
Client doesn’t get facilities of

network management tools.

Clint can’t enjoy the benefits of the latest network management and automation systems.
Varied response times with NO or seldom guarantees.
The service provider might work slowly in order to make more money.
The service provider plays in the win-win scenario.
It’s all matter of service provider’s availability if he is not available you either have to wait or look for another one.

Which IT service model is best for you?

Well, it totally depends upon the business type & size you are dealing with. Choosing the right one for you involves many factors like, availability, service providers reputation, cost and many more, to have initial idea following criteria will help you to decide.

The Managed IT Services are best suitable for:

  1. ) MSP’s serving many clients.
  2. ) Large Business/corporate house having extended IT infrastructure.

The Break/Fix IT Services are good for:

  1. ) Small business having 4-5 computer systems.
  2. ) An individual must have a personal system or a laptop in addition.

Let us know which category you belong to??

If you are an MSP or a business house, let us know for any further knowledge share you need in this regard.

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