Best LabTech Consultant: Top 5 Tips to Choose Best LabTech Consultant

Top 5 Tips to Choose Best LabTech Consultant

Finding the best LabTech Consultant is crucial to the success of your MSP. LabTech consulting services provide solutions to help MSPs to develop a deeper understanding of the rich functionality and automation possibilities built into LabTech.

Let our team of experienced consultants help you to plan, setup or optimize your LabTech platform and minimize the risk of common mistakes and allows a smooth, effective utilization of LabTech.

While selecting a greatest LabTech consultant for your LabTech system, follow these top five simple, but important guidelines tips:

Top 5 Tips to find Good ConnectWise Consultant

1. Character

A best LabTech consultant must be a person of the uppermost character. Must be the consummate professional. The LabTech consultant must be willing to put the best interest of the client ahead of their own.

2. Experience

A good LabTech consultant should have experience with the challenges or opportunities that MSP are facing.

A Consultant must have deep knowledge of Networking (OSI Model, routers, switches, firewalls, etc.), Windows Operating System, PowerShell, SQL, VBscript, Backup Technologies, LabTech, Screenconnect, administrative level’s understanding of ConnectWise CRM and the technologies that can be integrated with LabTech Software. What the LabTech consultant brings to the table is experience in addressing the types of issues you face.

3. Problem solving skills

Your LabTech consultant could be your outstanding problem solver. After all, you are hiring a consultant to help you to solve problems. When choosing a consultant, make sure to hire superior problem solvers.

4. Outstanding communication skills

A best consultant should be articulate. He/ She should possess unusually strong communication skills, both orally and in writing. No matter how smart a LabTech consultant is, they won’t be able to help you to improve your MSP until they fully understand the challenges you are facing.

5. Request a Work Plan or Proposal

The final step in making a decision about a best LabTech consultant is to see concrete proposal or work plan for the project. If you decide to go with best LabTech consultant, you can incorporate the work plan into the contract you write. Interview your ConnectWise consultant.

The following questions will help to form your decision: –

  • Does the LabTech consultant’s technical expertise match your needs? Look at the consultant’s educational background, work history, references, and portfolio of similar work. Does the consultant understand the hardware, operation system, and software that your organization uses or is likely to use? Has the consultant worked on similar projects before?
  • How well does their solutions fit? Talk through your needs as you see them. Ask them what solution they would propose. Can they articulate how the solution would address your needs better than other alternatives? Some consultants have a special relationship with certain vendors and will recommend their more familiar with it.
  • How well do they communicate? The consultant should be able to communicate technical ideas so that a non- techie can understand. So when the LabTech consultant uses technical terms, they should explain what they mean, and make you feel comfortable with more clarification, even if those are basic questions.
  • How busy is the LabTech consultant? Can the consultant commit to finish the project in the time frames you want?
  • Is the LabTech consultant clear about their responsibilities? Ask to articulate what their role will be and what specific tasks they will have to accomplish. The best way to determine this is to ask them to submit a proposed work plan or scope of work.
  • What fee structure does the consultant use? Some LabTech consultants charge by an hour, some charge by fulfilling specific deliverable tasks and some charge for the whole project. Are they willing to break the project down into stages with an estimates fee for each stage? The bottom line, of course, is whether you can afford their rates or negotiate them.

Once you have interviewed the LabTech consultant and if the LT consultant makes a good impression during the interview, you should still check their references carefully and see their proposals, the bottom line is how you feel about them. Who can work with their best? Do you think they are right for your organization?

The best ConnectWIse consultant can create tremendous value. The wrong consultant can destroy the value. These five guidelines will help ensure that you engage the right firm or individual.


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