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Labtech v11 Patch 11.0.15

Labtech v11 Patch 11.0.15

Labtech v11 Patch 11.0.15 With the release of Patch 15 for Automate 11 following enhancements were made :

  • Localization settings saving issue have been fixed.
  • Emails with a blank subject line are sending and logged appropriately in LTA Alerts and the Failed Emails area of the Dashboard > Management screen.
  • Now, the LT Tray plugin initialization and decommission is not stopping if one of the plugins fails.
  • The Probe Commands screen of the Network Probe tile is working absolutely fine.

Following issues/tickets has been resolved in Labtech v11 Patch 11.0.15 patch

Ticket #8116060:
The File Explorer is now returning the correct property information for folders or directories.

Ticket #8149963:
Users with the appropriate permissions can modify a time slip now.

Ticket #8180256:
The script form is not breaking when a script containing a reference to another entity, such as an EDF (Extra Data Field), that does not exist.

Ticket #8186151:

Script notifications are now displaying when a script is completed or failed.

Ticket #8188847:
Report Center email templates with embedded images are now displaying the image properly when the email is received.

Ticket #8289829:
Now, no duplicate locations are created.

Ticket #8297564:
Remote monitors are not failing if the % character appeared within the Arguments field.

Ticket #8311977:
Refreshing the Effective Policy tile is not causing high CPU usage now.

Ticket #8423696:
An issue has been addressed that was causing the ‘Ask then Allow’ reboot command to not function correctly.

Ticket #8437518:
An issue has been addressed that was causing the Event Log Data view to display blank information.

Ticket #8491421:
The Groups window is accessible after a group is modified and the window is closed.

Ticket #8517800:
When opening a ticket on the Web Control Center after upgrading the Automate Server to Automate Version 11, there is no issue now.

Ticket #8519820:
Similarly named files will not be deleted or renamed when deleting or renaming a file from the File Explorer.

Ticket #8676222:
An active Network Probe can be moved to a different device by right-clicking on the device and selecting Edit Location.

Ticket #8699872:
Daytime Patching alert messages will not display for third-party daytime patching when there was nothing to update or install.

Ticket #8708155:
The Daytime Patching flag is reset when there is no patch job to run.

Ticket #8749107:
Filters for workstations and servers are display correct results within the Patch Manager.

Ticket #8779329:
The Set Time value is not cleared now from the database when the approval of a set patch is manually changed.

Ticket #8789403:
The email address for a contact is now displaying after opening the Computer Management screen of a computer with a contact associated with it.

Ticket #8810099:
The maximized Effective Policy tile is displaying all of the templates applied to the machine.

Ticket #8813829:
The Patch Reboot message window is displaying line break instead of r/n/.

Ticket #8922183:
The Print List option on the Services tile is working fine in the Control Center when selected.

Ticket #8984475:
When attempting to save a Reboot policy in the Patch Manager that contained a 0 in the Ignore Time field, the error that used to occur is no more occurring.

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