Tips for MSPs to be More Productive While Working From Home

Tips for MSPs to be More Productive While Working From Home

Productivity at the time of Covid-19

Given above are the most practical steps that you can take and ensure that it isn’t a barren field that is being ploughed while working from home.

World, as a whole, is witnessing one of the most uncertain situations of all times IT Solution Providers and Managed Service Providers. The global pandemic of covid-19 has put everyone in a state of shock and fear at the same time.

As MSPs, we all have always been used to a certain routine – waking up, getting ready and going to work. While the work part has stayed the same for all of those working from home, the ‘getting ready’ part is not happening and thus, most of us have started to feel anxious about how would it work and for how long is this supposed to be done.

While, we all are awaiting the best situation of this all being over, for the time being let’s bring your most efficient and productive self out with following tips:

Get up in time:

This might sound like one of the most ‘not so required’ thing to you at this point of time. But, as cliché as it sounds, this is the first most effective thing you can do in order to ensure that you run the day ahead and not otherwise. Waking up in time will ensure that you are active enough when you sit to work. Yes, you do have the traffic time saved already.

Have a To-do list:

Every night before sleeping, set you To-do list for the next day. Advocates of not working at home contend that it leads to inefficiency as there is no set accomplishment for the day and thus, we get accustomed to achieving less. While this could be true for some, you can beat this by having a To-do list giving you a clear picture of all that needs to be done and thus, giving you enough time to have an Action plan.

Get ready:

Well favored by most professionals, getting professionally ready even when you are working from home is one noticeable action. By getting professionally dressed, nowhere it is put forward that men have to wear a suit and a tie or women have to wear formals and heels, this basically means that you must get out of your home wear which will get you started for the work coming.

Have a Work Desk:

Well, yes! Work from home doesn’t mean work from anywhere in the home. It is extremely essential to have a sorted significant space where you can sit and work from. Never expect productivity while you sit in your bed and open the laptop. Even if it isn’t an entire room or study, have a specific corner where you work from.

Eat your Meals in time:

What goes inside you and when it goes inside has a lot to do with how you perform in whatever it is that you do. Eating nutritious meals at the right time are a sure shot way of having an active mind and body. It is even more significant while working from home because given to the fact that you are working from home, it’s easy to feel out of focus. Having proper timed diet keeps you full for a longer period of time and your mood and energy are just the right for work.

Uninterrupted Internet Connection:

If only there is something that goes uncontested, this is one. You are going to connect with the clients and colleagues through Internet Connection. If there are frequent drops in the Internet Connection, you must right away correct that. One of the major reasons of loosing clients could be this, if left unattended.

Filtered use of Social Media:

You all will definitely agree with this one. In the office premises, where there are cameras and colleagues and seniors, unfiltered use of Social Media can hamper productivity even there, let alone at home where you are the boss, quite literally. An unwatched player is more prone to make mistakes. Watch out the time you spend on Social Media. Consider keeping your phone disconnected from Internet or consider keeping it at a distance from you while working. Like they say,” Distractions are best avoided.”

Have a set Sleep Pattern:

You, now, know that you must wake up in time, get ready and eat well in time when you are working from home and this all is dependent single handedly on one thing – sleep pattern. Sleeping in time and waking up in time gives just the right signal to your body clock and it brings out the best of your efficiency while working. Last thing you would want to do is to disturb the body clock while trying to be productive at the same time.

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