What is ConnectWise Automate And How May It Help Your MSP?

What Is ConnectWise Automate, and How Can It Benefit Your Managed Service Provider (MSP)?

For a long time, MSPs have been searching for a better way to expand and thrive in the market. Because picking software and moving systems, data, and clients is a complex and time-consuming process.

But not anymore with ConnectWise!

The ConnectWise company provides a variety of tools for better managing your MSPs, closing the skills gap, protecting clients, and developing your staff. ConnectWise is a comprehensive solution for everything from IT automation to sales and marketing.

As a result, in this post, we’ll look at ConnectWise’s remote monitoring and management tool, known as Connectwise Automate. This product will be extremely beneficial to your MSP because it comprises high-quality features and provides a comprehensive automation package.

It offers system monitoring and administration features that enable your technicians to locate and resolve issues remotely while still ensuring server availability and performance for end users.

You can configure alerts in a variety of ways. For example, you can receive an email if the C: drive’s space is 95 percent full, if one of your client servers is unable to connect to the internet, or if a critical service on one of the servers is unavailable. There are numerous other possibilities that IT service providers can use to become more proactive. We can assist you in setting it up for your MSP if you are not already utilizing it to its full potential.

We’ll learn how it works and how it can help MSPs operate more efficiently. We’ll also go over some of the features that make this software so useful for MSPs. So, if you’re interested in learning how ConnectWise Automate can benefit your MSP, keep reading!

What is ConnectWise Automate?

Before we dig into how ConnectWise Automate can help your MSPs and what its features are, let’s talk about what ConnectWise Automate is and how it works.

ConnectWise Automate, formerly known as LabTech, is a cloud-based and on-premise automation system that allows companies to track, control and manage their IT assets from a single location.

It includes network management features that allow users to find and fix problems remotely while still maintaining uptime or server performance for end-users.

This particular feature takes all the technology out of your hands so you don’t even have to touch anything in order for it to work properly; instead, one technician can troubleshoot issues with multiple servers at once. This solution takes security into consideration as well by allowing users to handle anti-virus protection, antimalware protection along with password management through the use of its ‘Security Module’.

Additionally, ConnectWise Automate uses an online forum for support assistance but also provides email and phone support if necessary. So no matter what the issue may be your needs will receive the attention they deserve.

Now we’ll look at some of the most significant features of it and how they might help your business function more smoothly.

Powerful Features Of ConnectWise Automate

When it comes to managing and automating tasks in the cloud-based and on-premise IT automation system ConnectWise Automate is an outstanding system for any IT environment. It’s easy to use, integrates seamlessly with all your IT tools, and allows users to manage tasks across multiple business areas.

This Tool has the ability to help with many aspects of running your business, such as customer support, project management, employee time tracking, billing, and more. These features are all interconnected to create an efficient workflow that will help you run your company better than ever before.

Some of the main features of ConnectWise automate are:

Network Monitoring

Get detailed visibility into your clients’ networks and the entire stack: network performance, security, data management, and more.

Systems Monitoring

You can set state-based monitoring thresholds and alerts with configurable rules to know when systems are about to fail.

Patch Management

Patch Management tracks, approves, or ignores patches and hotfixes for one or more devices. It helps you to ensure that your devices are secured and upgraded with the latest patches.

Helps You Create And Quote Proposals

ConnectWise can quickly fill in the blanks with customizable templates so you can crank out proposals and quotes on the fly.

Helps You Manage Contracts

Ensures your teams are always in the loop, accurately managing contracts and agreements, and ensuring that no time is lost due to incorrect billing.

Provides You With Technician Web Control Center

It’s easy to manage tickets and access any client’s computer – day or night, from any location with any web browser.

IT Automation

ConnectWise Automate takes the guesswork out of managing your devices with a simple, easy-to-use interface. You can start automated tasks on any device in seconds without needing expertise or custom coding knowledge!

Saves Time

You will eventually need access to your client’s device, no matter how hard you try. In the past, this would have necessitated an on-site visit, which would have taken time and money.

Remote access to your managed devices is now possible with ConnectWise Automate and ConnectWise Control, allowing you to provide immediate help from the comfort of your workstation. You may start a ConnectWise Control remote session from ConnectWise Automate, fix the problem, and get your customer back to work.

Using PowerShell and Windows Command terminals, you can run scripts and commands in the background without interrupting the end user.

Customized to Your Specific Requirements

It also provides tools for deep customization so no script or settings need to be recreated every time something changes on your network.

Helps You Track Time and Billing

Once a project is underway, ConnectWise automation can help you track your time and expenses to billed hours.

Features of anything serve as great add-ons, but it’s necessary to understand the positive and bad aspects before diving in and hiring a suitable service.

As you’ve seen, ConnectWise automation has a lot of helpful features and it provides many benefits for customers of all sizes including increased profitability, increased productivity, reduced risk, and higher customer satisfaction. However, it does have a few flaws, so let’s take a look at the Pros and Cons of ConnectWise Automate for a more clear understanding.

The Pros And Cons Of ConnectWise Automate

When it comes to choosing the right automation platform for your IT environment, there are many factors to consider. However, with the aid of the appropriate analysis, you may select the platform that best fits your firm. To help, here’s a look at some of the pros and cons of ConnectWise automation.

The Pros:

  • With ConnectWise Automate, you can create many custom alerts to suit your needs, and the wizard makes this process simple.
  • Has an exceptional ability to remotely patch servers and endpoint devices.
  • ConnectWise allows you to provide quick and effective service delivery, which results in customers’ concerns being solved immediately.
  • Perform security & patching solutions.
  • ConnectWise ensures engineers can seamlessly work on your machine without ever interrupting you.
  • ConnectWise manages your Windows updates.

The Cons:

    • Comes with lots of initial configurations.
  • There is no nifty calendar management feature where teams can schedule meetings and collective tasks.
  • Installation of plugins or changes to URLs are required for some functionalities.
  • The software crashes during unstable networks.

Is ConnectWise Automate secure?

Some people may be skeptical about the security of a program like this. However, the company has been around since 1982 and it is a well-known name in this industry.

ConnectWise is one of the most secure remote access tools with customizable options that meet the industry standard. They also provide a whole host of features like role-based permissions, 256-bit AES encryption premium reporting tool, and many authentication methods – all of which are made possible just to deliver world-class threat protection for your company or organization.

What Role Does ConnectWise Automate Play in Helping Your MSP?

Security has become a key concern for SMBs. However, if you ask any MSP, they will tell you that times are changing, and pre-pandemic strategies were not enough to ensure that security was at the core of their business. The rise in an increase of remote working conditions and a booming customer demand for better service has led MSPs to rethink new ways to serve clients while staying on top of market changes.

One way to ensure your MSPs grow is by working with a system that is perfectly scalable. Many software applications are not scalable in the sense that they cannot grow properly for a large enterprise with multiple customers, whether it is one person or a large team serving lots of customers. However, the best software is one that is incredibly scalable- able to handle your larger demands as you grow your MSP.

The best software, however, is the one that benefits your MSP by managing all activities through a single place that automates routine processes such as ticketing, patching, etc, customizes proposals, and provides insights about KPIs so you understand them in order to grow your MSP.

But let us tell you, you’ve got it with ConnectWise: a complete solution to support all of your IT solution provider needs. Connectwise is an automated MSP solution that helps them manage their workload and productivity, giving your clients the ability to leverage data for business operations. Connectwise also works in tandem with other tools by letting all work seamlessly together.

Pricing of ConnectWise Automate

ConnectWise Automate’s licensing starts at $700, which includes the initial configuration, setup, and consulting to help you get up and running. The price of this implementation fee goes up based on complexity or scope.

Apart from this, Agents are also licensed at a rate of $1-$6 per month per agent, depending on commitment term length and volume discounts. Well, to get an agent or agentless solution depends upon your organizational priorities.

Winding Up

ConnectWise Automate does a great job as an agent-based infrastructure and network monitoring platform. With a decent price of 700$, you can help your MSP grow as it helps you manage workload, is extremely scalable, and has a ton of other features.

So there is no doubt that Connectwise Automate is the solution for any MSP. because it increases the overall efficiency of your business.

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