RMM and MSP Difference: What is the difference between RMM and MSP

What is the difference between RMM and MSP?

Confused about the RMM (Remote Monitoring & Management) & MSP (Managed Service Provider)?

Are you one of those who are exploring the Google to clear your confusion between the RMM & MSP concept?? Well, Congratulations!! You have landed on the right page.

Our “What is the difference between RMM and MSP?” article will prove as your ultimate guide on understanding the Concept, role & working mechanism of RMM (Remote Monitoring & Management) & MSP (Managed Service Provider) in the IT industry.

Same Acronyms may describe many names that belong to the totally opposite genre, industry or interests. One should be clear about what he is searching for. RMM & MSP are 2 main acronyms used in the IT industry. If somehow you have associated with the IT industry you might have heard of these.

This article will explain more about the RMM & MSP. These both are directly connected rather it wouldn’t be wrong to say their existence and working mechanism depends upon each other. Let’s learn more about these.

MSP (Managed Service provider):

An MSP is an individual or agency which provides managed services to their clients, which includes big organizations, industries, hospitals or anyone having huge IT infrastructures but don’t have in-house IT Mgt. team.

They hire 3rd party services from an MSP to monitor and manage their entire network operations from a remote location.

These MSP have their setup on their own and work remotely. They deploy a dedicated team to manage and monitor their client’s network.

An MSP team works hand in hand with responsible people from the client’s team to fix any problem before it occurs.

RMM (Remote Monitoring Management):

RMM is the actual work that any MSP do for their client’s i.e. an MSP provides “Remote Monitoring & Management” services to their clients.

RMM services are provided with help of RMM tools, these RMM tools are the backbone of all MSP services.

These RMM tools allow the executive to keep an eye on the client’s infrastructure without even visiting his place.

Because a human is continuously monitoring the health & performance of the systems, they enable the technicians to fix the problem before it arises.

The client who is getting RMM services need not stand beside his system to check or fix any issues.

Must have features of RMM solution

The RMM Managed Service Provider software has made life quite easy. There are a number of RMM MSP software available in the market, of course with varied features and huge price range. But you need to be very precise while choosing RMM software for you. Being an MSP you should prepare a checklist before you hire any RMM services, following let’s see what should be there in an RMM solution toolkit:

  • It should be flexible & capable enough to automate any IT process.
  • Capable of operating on multiple machines simultaneously.
  • Should have all the features you need to deliver services.
  • Shouldn’t interrupt the client’s working while resolving any issues.
  • Flexible enough to integrate with PSA tools (Professional Services Automation).
  • Shouldn’t be complicated, your needs to learn it first before you can offer services to your clients.
  • Shouldn’t be heavy in terms of eating hardware & disc space.
  • RMM tools with more features are more expensive, be precise while choosing the one you need.

Only huge organizations need RMM MSP solutions, it this true?

Its partial truth, it is fact that the huge organization operating on a large scale are bound to have an RMM MSP services hired to get their IT infra run smoothly. But the ground truth is hiring the RMM MSP services depends upon many other factors for example:

  • If you have more than 5 systems running with you and you feel the repair/maintenance cost is really cutting your pocket. Then you should go for hiring RMM MSP services.
  • If you are middle size organization, which emphasis on quality service and doesn’t want to risk the functionality of your network or can’t afford any breakdown or system failure. RMM MSP services are the best option for you as well.
  • If you do not want to invest heaps of money in hiring IT/network technician.
  • You want your staff to handle multiple tasking instead of just sitting and watching the system or network working.

Hiring RMM MSP (Managed Service Provider) services is a great way to increase the efficiency of the business without investing in the additional capital layout.

Hope now you have understood well about how MADP & RMM contributes to IT industry. If you still have any doubt or need any further knowledge share. Feel free to ask anything, contact us directly by writing an email at support@sankalpit.com

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