How to get incoming webhook URL of a channel of MS Teams_

How to get incoming webhook URL of a channel of MS Teams?


This article “How to get incoming webhook URL of a channel of MS Teams?” will help you in configuring the Incoming Webhook for a channel and getting its URL link to use in Sendto MSTeams plugin.

Configure Incoming Webhook for a channel.

1. Open MS Teams, select “Channel” and then click no More options (…) and choose Connectors.
connectwise automate channel connectors

2. A pop-up window will come-up. Select All from Category section in the left pane and click Add button to add Incoming Webhook.
incoming webhook - send data to your office 365

3. Another window will pop-up. Click on Install button. That’s it for configuring the Incoming Webhooks  connector for a Channel.
install window button

Branding the connector and copying the URL.

1. After configuring the Incoming Webhooks connector, now, we need to brand it.
2. Give it a Name and you may change image (Optional) and click on Create button.

ConnectWise Automate alerts

3. Final step to copy the URL and click on Done button.

This URL, we will provide in Connectwise Automate ->Dashboard ->config-> Integration -> SendtoMSTeams -> Incoming Webhook field.

incoming webhook url

How do I get URL for already configured Incoming Webhooks?

In case you forget to copy the URL of Incoming Webhooks of a Channel then you get it by following the simple steps given below.

a. Select Channel and click more options (…) button.
b. Click on connectors.
c. Following window will pop-up.
d. By Default, All Category (Left Pane) is selected. Make sure, you select Configured link (highlighted in yellow) from Left pane.

incoming webhook configure

e. Now, the window on the right pane has refreshed and showing only the configured connectors.
f. Under Incoming Webhook, click on Configured link and select Manage. There you can copy the URL for your existing connector(s). see screenshot.

incoming webhook configured and manage